Adult or NoNAdult?

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    Hello friends,

    I searched for a lot of forums and I think that forum is best solution for getting real help, because on other forums is a lot of kids and nothing professionals. Basket full of bullshits.

    Okay, Im trying to get-in CPA. I need some advices?

    1. I looked for a PPL Adult offers which pay's for free registration and founded brazzers affliate about ~40$ PPS. I'm looking now for good traffic network to get some ROI? Okay. I see a lot of landing pages on networks which are partners with adult big companies. What I need? Advice? Where to buy, and how to start?

    2. I lookeg for a eg. PPV based landing pages. Example: You received a gift in fake google store website and short quiz then conversion.. OFFER? Is that smart to try? Better than option 1 or?

    3. Where to promote (if I) choose(n) landing page with fake Google store blabla? PropellerAds?PPopCash, PopAds?

    4. PPL Adult offers without any costs or cc submit, just register, okay if I can achieve some good ROI WHY NOT? We have a lot of offers which paying 2.5$ per sign up from tier 1 countries.

    5. Your suggestion?

    Okay, if someone know help me. Im sure that this board have a lot of experts which can be really helpfull for my business. I have about 200-300$ budget for start.

    My idea 1 is to register on example brazzers affliate network and then use landing page from affliate and promote to example trafficjunky? Using CPC on banners which links on brazzersnetwork landing page then convert when someone enter cc for trial? I dont know is trafficjunky good example.. maybe is expensive.. If I need to put 5-10 cents on single click and I possible can get from conversion 1-2.5$ thats not bad.. but If I need to put 0.50$ per click and getting convert after 30 clicks that's bad.. profit ? Impossible.

    Okay I know that I need to do a lot of testing but I need some advices where and how to start. I have some ideas but Im not sure is that ideas worthy trying?

    My idea 2 is to pick some landing pages from spy tool and simulate same offer, same landing page, same traffic source?

    Please write post only if you know what you saying. False advice can cause losing money and time.

    If you don't know it's better to only read this thread, if you can help then share knoweldge.. maybe someone else get motivated by my thread and earn $$$ bucks :)

    Thanks in advanced,
    Sorry for longer post.