[Adult] [Non-USA] online/offline journey

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    I am making this journey because I am finding that I am suffering from procrastination paralysis. I have everything ready up to actually getting the ball rolling. I've put it off for a week now so I need a place to post to keep me moving.

    So boys and girls...

    NICHE: ADULT....(not a tube site, not a whitelist)...don't fish for specifics, fuck off and get your own idea.

    LOCATION: NOT USA!!!!! Nor Canada! Nor England! Nor Australia!
    (been spammed to hell and back...plus I speak other languages as well)


    -signed up and been accepted to the best affiliate program in the niche
    -chatted with my AM a bit to see if they will take the type of traffic I will send. Answer was YES! (along with some curiousity)
    -set to rev-share
    -$0.99 niche related domain.
    -hosting (currently just redirecting domain. Depending on feedback from AM and if I go into paid advertising, I can quickly slap something up)
    -redirect works
    -6 satisfactory Pre-sale sales copy. Each ad has ~4 sentences. Further variations can easily be mixed and matched.
    -excel spreadsheet for online. (ad location, ad placement date, valid until/removed/banned on, login email, login user ID, password, vpn/proxy, VM/useragent profile)
    -list of ~200 locations to post spanning a couple countries in one somewhat related language group
    -list of ~30 locations to post in another country with a completely different language
    -non-judgemental friends willing to translate for beer/weed money and or just beer/weed/dinner.
    -Printing service found for Offline Local marketing
    -multiple laptops, home server, and VPSs for posting along with like 15 local internet cafes.
    -2 different vpn services
    -payment method sorted

    i'm probably forgetting something for the list

    -excel sheet for offline similar to online+fill in data i already have
    -scout further offline locations
    -finish offline design for printing service
    -get it printed
    -shoot my AM a message that traffic will be incoming in the next 24hours and that he should contact me IMMEDIATELY if there are any problems or concerns
    -proper record keeping
    -expand posting lists

    so the online method is similar to meatheads. unfortunately, as the niche is adult, a lot of the usual locations are unusable. I will be using a mix of forums, Q&A sites, Classifieds (NOT THEY WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED! they suck anyway outside of north america!), wanted ads, and some random spam. I have figured out a way that I could possibly use paid advertising (requires a softer sell), but it would take me at least another week or 2 of procrastination before i finally go for it and I want to just get this started. Otherwise this will turn into another one of my various aborted projects.

    Projected income: ?-$xxxx+ month

    I will be doing no further work today as i'm hungry and meeting a girl later.

    Tomorrow I want to get most if not all of the online ads-posted.

    I am going to try and update this regularly (Daily or every couple days, as real life lets me) to prevent myself from procrastinating, overthinking, or becoming overly cautious.