Adult JV - My Domain/Hosting/Backlink Building.

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    Jan 29, 2010
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    Right now, I am only interested in a VERY simple JV. Nothing too intense.

    Domain is a .info, exact match 27,000 searches, 49,000 in quotes searches. Huge competition for google, but thats fine.

    Hosted with Hostgator, which allows adult content, but nothing crazy or too extreme, and nothing that looks possibly illegal.

    I can build thousands of backlinks per day doing comment posting with scrapebox, building web 2.0 sites with senuke, social bookmarking etc.

    What I am looking for:
    1) Content. I need ideas, and if we agree on the idea, I need you to implement it.
    2) Knowledge of traffic exchanges, as I assume this is the only way to get tons of easy traffic with adult.

    How you make money:
    You implement the content, and throw up a few banners or pop ups, pop unders etc. I am also allowed to add either 1 banner or pop up or pop under. We will co-ordinate that together. But basically we are both have our own affiliate links. I am open to you monetizing the site in any way for yourself, all I really want is a place to throw a banner ad or something similar.

    What you need to keep in mind
    I am not looking for us to make millions off of this. I am looking for us to make around $50.00-$500.00/month from this project, with very minimal work. This JV is best for someone who already has the content, and can just upload their same script or w/e to my domain and pop up some banner ads for us both. I will constantly be building links to the site, advertising on tube sites, posting the link in chat rooms, watermarking images on other adult sites etc.

    I drive the traffic. I target long tail adult keywords. You do the technical/content side.

    PM me if interested. If I dont reply within 24 hours, it means I am not interested in a JV with you. I will update this thread when I have enough replys. I only need 1 reliable person. Your PM should contain a bit about what you have to offer, and any links to current websites you have.

    If it turns into a profitable system, I can always invest in your domains and we do it again and again, but lets start with trying to make some pocket change.

    The worst I can do is ignore you, so just send me a PM and we can talk more and spit ideas back and forth. I wont add you my instant messenger right away, so don't ask. We will talk with PM only until I decide you are my new partner.