ADULT CPA Earnings [Post your screenshot]

Hey @manuelj2582 I'd love to send you a PM but unfortunately I don't have enough posts (I'm a long time lurker tho). Congratulations on your earnings! I'm really intrigued about your popup method. Are you planning to do a journey thread soon? If you do then I'll wait, but if you don't then I'd be very gratefull if you send me a PM (in spanish if you want, since I'm also a native spanish speaker ;) ) Thank you.

Hello friend, thank you very much, a trip I do not think I do since I do not have much time, I send you a PM with my skype in case you have doubts about something
I have tried the Adrian112 method many times, but they always end up eliminating my xvideos accounts, some advice to prevent that from happening? (Excuse me for the language, I speak Spanish.)

first , the porn reupload method should not be named as "adrian112 method" because that method was firstly posted in the forum in 2011. It went viral when adrian112 started a thread talking about reuploding porn and giving some step by step guide.

And second. the method DOES works, but it does not bring quick results overnight. Yesterday I had my best day ever in adult cpa. A "looking alike celebrity" video I uploaded long time ago suddenly came up on the front page of a very known porn site reaching millions of views in a few hours. The domain on the title was pointing to a PPS offer which converted 4 sales of 45 bucks each . Video was taken down already , but profit is done. I know I was very lucky and this might never happen again, but it shows that constant work pays off.

how do you drive the traffic to SC ? S4S or socialmedia?
Been developing this method for over 8 wks, I'm not gonna let it slip sadly.

On the other note, yesterdays earnings. (See attached.)


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Nice earnings. Are you doing ads or free traffic sources?
free traffic sources

Can you guys suggest me any good network (except adverten & datinggold there support is shit)

What network is this sir?
los pollos

Excuse me, is there any way that xvideos accounts are not eliminated?
yes, get your own content :p

Been developing this method for over 8 wks, I'm not gonna let it slip sadly.

On the other note, yesterdays earnings. (See attached.)
beautiful epc... what network is it ?
Have a ~25k hot girls IG account, trying to come up with a way to use it to make money via adult cpa or otherwise... any suggestions?
Question for the Adverten guys: Are you just using the smartlink without any corrections, just posting the ''chicks'' domain into ur snap? I did that and somehow I don't have hits with 500 views on the story already.

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