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    Hello, BHW!
    I have couple of questions that i think you can help me with.

    Story: I have some adult self-painted pictures, cartoons, comics that i painted thought the years. I kept them in secret because i was making them for my self (kinda hobby). But a week ago i showed them to my friend and he told me that its a good idea to public them. I can make some website or maybe blog (i dont like blogs) and post them with option for selling (i mean to sell Hi-Res versions). My pictures are different, some of them are hard-core, some of them are soft-core sexually content (all of them made by models of 18+). Some of them are based on porn-stars models.

    How there are questions:
    1. Can i have problems with the law if i am posting self-painted adult pictures for sale.
    2. Where should i get hosting for my blog/website?
    3. Should i hide my domain registration info?
    4. What texts, information should i post on my site (copyrights, 18+, accepting laws etc...)
    5. Where should i host my images (i mean on the save server or somewhere else to escape storing adult content)

    Please, give me some advices, because i really dont want to run into the troubles because of it and that was a reason to do not public those images till now.
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