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Adult Blog, How to monetize users with Popunder blockers and mobile traffic?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by hatata, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. hatata

    hatata Newbie

    Dec 10, 2013
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    I have a few adult Blogs that I use Plugrush popunders on for desktop users. They work pretty well, I get around $2 CPM. But for every 1k desktop visitors I only get around 300-400 popunder impressions, which according to Plugrush FAQ is normal because of browser popup block behavior.

    Could somebody suggest methods to monetize the other 2/3 of desktop users that don't get to see the popunders? Are there ways to detect such users and show different ads to them? I thought about doing serverside detection of browsers that block popunders and show them more ads on my page but I couldn't find any reliable information about it.
    I'm now considering adding live webcam affiliate flash inserts (something live awempire, livejasmin), but I don't want to spam my users to much with popunders and flash webcam ads, especially the 1/3 of users that see the popunders.

    I also get a lot of mobile and tablet traffic. At the moment I use exoclick mobile popunders for that, but they don't work very well, they only count impressions for about 5%-10% of visitors, which seems really low. I don't want to use mobile redirect, that pisses people off too much and kills any recurring visitors. I've read that affiliate stuff doesn't work well on mobile, what are better ways to monetize mobile and tablet traffic?

    At the moment I get around 7-12k vistors a day, and I want to have the monetization figured out before I but more money into growing it.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions, thanks!
  2. ecko111

    ecko111 Newbie

    Nov 29, 2013
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    You should be able to detect with javascript if a popunder has been opened or not, you just need to get the window.open return reference somehow from the plugrush script you include. This might be very easy or not, depends on how plugrush opens popups. If nothing opened you could just open a normal popop window, maybe with plugrush direct urls, but I'm not sure if they allow that, or send that popup traffic somewhere else. This obviously wan't work for visitors with adblock or specific popup blockers, but it should work around browser that block popunders by default, like ff and some chrome versions I believe. This should get you from 1/3 to maybe 4/5 users that see popups/popunders. But again I don't know if plugrush allows that or if you need to use a different provider for that.
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