ADSL Modem Heat Analysis

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    India is a hot country. This is supposed to be the rainy season, but there is no rain in the place where I live, while a different part of the country is flooded and people are dying there.

    It is pretty hot. I leave my computer running through the night downloading things. I turn off my computer very rarely. Some times I find that my adsl modem is red hot in the morning, and at other times it is as cold as ice. It is downloading stuff every night and never rests. I have a fucking 512 Kbps connection, and yes it does take time to get things downloaded here.

    So why does the modem get hot?


    Too many P2P connections, and there is too much of routing that the modem needs to do and it gets hot. When I download files from a single host, it doesnt get as hot as it just has to manage a single stream of data.

    And this means? Too much of torrents can harm your modem. Thats why most Datacenters don't allow torrent hosting. Its not just because of the illegal data, but it is also an attempt to control their air conditioning expenses and increase the lives of their routers.
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    I dont think so lol :D i bet when you are not downloading anything it will out put only 0.

    and the data transfer has not much to do with it

    I think more likely they dont allow torrents becouse the take fuckloads of BW ie , seed 10h something at 10mbs is like 3t bw. Also if you get vps they dont really care that much unless you share copyrighted stuff.

    But if you are electronical engineer and know your stuff i apologize :O