AdsFlip*com launched by Iwebtool

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    Just got an email from iwebtool saying they launched adsflip*com. It is a text/banner display program. After sign-up we get a javascript code. We need to place this code in our site... We get credits for each impressions... We can use this credit to show our sites ads in other sites that using adsflip... They are giving away 1000 credits for the signup now...So any one interested you can signup now and earn 1000 free credits...

    I can see many possibilities in this site... I think they will expand it sooner... The ads are looks like adsense ads... Once we generate a code, we can use it on other sites... No need to re-generate the code....

    There is no payment for the displaying ads now... Also I did not found selling credits option... I think they will expand the site more.....