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    Does anybody know why Google decided to make Adsense ads relevant to your browsing history instead of the site's content?

    Every AdSense ad I see are of websites I've already visited or something I've searched on Google only once in my entire life.

    For example, I use Namecheap quite a lot because this is where all my domains are registered. I now see Namecheap ads everywhere.

    I used Fasthosts once and ditched them because I found their service to be crap. That doesn't stop me from seeing their god damn advertisements on every website using Adsense for the next 5 months.

    What I don't understand is: why would I want to see advertisements for websites I have already visited/visit regularly? The point of advertising is to showcase your product to potential customers, not to people who are already customers.

    Also, this means every ad on every site is completely irrelevant.

    If I was on a website about weight loss, would I be more likely to click an ad about weight loss or about UK business address registration?

    Obviously I am currently interested in reading about weight loss, so why would you show me an ad about something I may have been interested in three weeks ago, as opposed to something I'm clearly interested in right now?

    Because of this system, I literally cannot remember the last time I clicked on an Adsense ad.

    (P.S one of my sites is in a niche with typically very high paying advertisers, so if it actually showed relevant ads, I would be making a lot more money. Grr)

    Feel free to weigh on this topic if you have anything to add or want to tell me why everything I said is bullshit.
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    The term for this is "remarketing". I've linked and quoted a Google support page that goes over it in more detail.
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