Adsense is getting rejected on my news site

There may be several problems, even if your content is original

1. You use country flag on your logo, most countries prohibit using their national symbols in commercial activity without their consent
2. There is a mix of English and Hindi in your articles - I don't know whether it's regular for Indian websites, but it looks quite strange
3. There are the repeating words in English in your articles' headlines - "Bihar news", "Bihar Teacher News", and the articles look a bit like AI-generated (though I don't know the language, so cannot be sure)

Hope this helps
That's the usual message you get when someone from the Google Ads team randomly doesn't approve your site. I can't read or navigate your site, but I'd try it again in a month or two. I usually wait for 4 or 5 months after creating a site and until I have at least 100 posts on it before I apply. Sometimes it works on the first try, sometimes 'I have to wait a bit longer and try again. Eventually they all get approved at some point.
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