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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by adamkpm, Oct 30, 2012.

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    I have come a long way since my first sale at clickbank for 56 profit. I'm doing adsense and various cpa offers and this is my first 4 figure month.

    I'm looking to triple this in 3 months. I'm looking into media buys and things that can be scaled up. Yay IM!
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    NEXT STOP: 5 figure month.
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    Congratulations! And yeah, media buys is a really good way to scale up. Don't start by buying huge insertion orders, especially when you're new to the business. Use Google Ad Planner and Quantcast to find sites that have between 50,000 and 200,000 uniques a month, ideally right around the 100,000 range. If you're paying around $5 CPM, that means your average ad buy should be around $500 a month. Since it's pretty rare that your ads will completely bomb and make zero money, realistically your potential downside on each ad buy is really only a couple hundred dollars a month.

    Focus on sites that have really high quality traffic and are targeted towards your industry. Avoid sites with media kits and ad sales teams and focus on smaller sites run by one or just a handful of people. Go direct, pick up the phone and call them and place ads one on one. Your ROI will be much higher than network wide buys and much higher than through Google AdSense placements or Sitescout buys.

    Once you get profitable using this strategy, then you can scale up to more demographic based media buys, network buys and mega-site insertion orders. But the small scale strategy should be a good way to get you started.
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