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    Here is a good review of traffic arbitrage I hope this helps the community, so you wont have to spend hours and hours reading ebooks

    The first thing that we are going to do is select a high paying keyword

    just type "google keyoword tool" on google search bar and you will see the page

    choose data to display - cost and ad postition estimates -

    enter a main keyword ( just think a lil bit, you can check the average volume of searches from a certain keyowrd at

    that should give you some ideas of good paying keywords

    once you choose your main keyword type from 2 to 5 dollars per click, click on "get more keywords" and then you should see the results

    extra tip* click sevaral times on "estimated ad position2 that is to refine the result

    just choose a good paying keyword with several competition and the create your landing page

    what you should take in consideration when you build the landing page??

    1.- good content

    -get an article out there on ezine or somewhere else
    -wirte the article your self
    -use a content generator (inside this forum you can find several free softwares to do that)
    - buy the article you can look at or at
    -look for a cpa offer related to your niche and look for some testimonials, then you can insert your aff link to that cpa ;) that will give you more earnings (that is not part of the traffic arbitrage but you can surely have higher ctr and get more from your click... you just need to work a little bit more)

    2.- optimize the page so adsense can show relevant ads there

    -your main keyword should appear there sevarl times (2 to 4 times)
    - the headline of the page should be the same as your keyword

    3.- make the page so the visitor will me more likely to click your ads

    -put the ads just below a lil headline like sying "fin what you need here" (be creative on this one)

    insert the ads near to the article (at the right or at the top)

    * note: don`t put more than two blocks of ads there, that will decrease your adsense earnings

    4.- Optimize the page so google will like your page (and pay you more)

    -insert links to your "contact us" privacy policy" and "terms and conditions" page (this will be on every page of your site) insert those links waaaaaaay down of the page so people don`t see them easily

    out there on the web you can find some privacy policy and terms and conditions genarators, search for some other sites that have this pages to have an idea on how should it look

    (this is very important, adsense will think that your page is a top quality one and give you higher pay outs)

    -the article must be 300 to 700 caracters long

    -don`t make a single page floating out there on the web, link all your landing pages related to the same niche and insert a link to your home page on every page (wich of course all of them will have google ads)

    -list all your niches in your home page, and make it look good

    - if you can, get your site linked to a pr6 ;) (once again you will have higher payouts)

    -put a link to somewhere else related to the same niche (if you insert a cpa offer that should do it, if you don`t have acpa offer nsert the link waay down of the page with your privacy policy and terms and conditions links

    pick a good domain name
    (something general like or something that is not atached to a specific niche)

    if you purchase hosting trought host gator you will have a free domain they will charge 4.95 per month for the hosting (think it`s a good offer, i use that hosting my self, i tried with free hostings but had a lot of problems with them)

    here is the normal link for horrible selfish people

    here is my link for good thankfull people

    (i hope i don`t brake any rules here by inserting that, i don`t mean to bother any mod, i am trying to help and i don`t see why you can`t help me if you are going to buy that hosting anyway)

    once you have your site up and runing it`s time to send cheap traffic to your landin pages

    for a good start you can use

    as alex goad listed on google payload "not all traffic from the same search engine converts the same for every keyword"

    so you should duplicate the content and try to send traffic from both search engines for that you will be adding diferent tracking codes (or channels) to your adsense codes

    once you have done that just start sending the traffic and watch the next day to see how has converted

    Warning: don`t send large amounts of traffic, start biding low and once you see the convertions then bid higher and grow your daily cap little by little

    you can start the first day paying a couple of dollars and when you see good convertions then you will grow your daily cap to like 5 dollars per day (obviously once you have good convertions)

    a good convertion is 200% ROI or more

    once you have campaigns converting well open another account for those campaigns, set you daily cap high (something like $50 or more, and alow them to charge your credit card whenever your account reaches a low balance)

    that is the beauty of this, once is done it becomes full autopilot money

    if you have plenty of money to spend send traffic to those pages from and

    you can try also findology but in my experience they don`t send good traffic (for the niches i have selected, perhaps your niches will convert good with that raffic provider)

    split and test the landing pages here is a soft to do that

    you can try to change the background, the color of the ads and the position of the ads, try diferent pages and see wich one converts better, then blow the rest and keep that one

    Track Everything

    you must have an excel file were you will be taking note of everything:

    landing page number, landing page keyword, search engine, position of ads, money invested, ctr, roi... everything, that way you can easily monitor every landing page, otherwise you will be overwhelmed (i have like 150 pages for this purpose)

    the pain in the ass is when you are testing the landing pages, so don`t try too much landing pages at the time, build as many as you can watch perfectly, otherwise perhaps you will screw it up ( i have been there)

    once you have your campaigns converting well send them to your big acount (the one with hig bids, high balance and your credit card redepositing on a low balance)

    then keep testing with the other account

    once again keep record of everything, build system of racking that works good for you, you brain will get toasted if you try to remember everything (once again i`ve been there)

    final notes

    you must work a little bit to achieve good earnings, however once you have high converting campaigns, everything else goes by his own

    you must be smart and keep trying, this is not easy money but is sure really really good money (the best one "autopilot")

    here is a list of some other ppc search engines once you have good earnings you can move to buy traffic from them

    -- Goclick
    -- Looksmart
    -- Ask
    -- 7search
    -- Kanoodle
    -- Brainfox
    -- Enhanced

    Hope this will help the newbies to start their traffic arbitrage campaigns, i am making up to 2000 per month pure profit, however i don`t have more money to invest so i have to wait google to send me my money and then i can start sending more and more traffic

    If you are gratefull don`t forget my rep

    Best Regards

    Jay zee
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    Hi Jay Zee,
    thanks for the guide, seems simple enough even for a noob. You could have made this into an ebook and sold it at DP, but since you shared it here I'm giving you rep. But mind you, I'm sure someone will try to rewrite this and sell it on DP, so if I were you I'd browse there from time to time. Peace.

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    this is mad old and outdated... like 2 years...
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    web content writer
    East Coast
    Are you saying none of this is relevant anymore?
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    well i am not posting the holy grail here, this is for newbies, i am not selling this because it`s really basic stuff, i also automate the whole process with several softwares perhaps we can share some toughts
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    I just wanted to say that GoClick is HORRIBLE. Everyone I know who has used it (me included) has had absolutely no results with it. It seems like 100% bot traffic or something. It's the worst traffic I've ever bought. I've had Chinese 404 traffic convert better!
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    Hi Jayzee thank you for your information.

    I just started the adsense with my friends just when the said that they will not receive adsense arbitrage anymore.

    The problem when my friends moved our domain to, the starter income is not good, unlike Do you have any experience in this one?

    Thank you.
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    not familiar with

    I think that I have been lucky with goclick because at the first day i used that search engine the ctr was like 8% i was having god ROI from the first day, perhaps it`s the look of the landing page i don`t know i think go click stilconverts well for me, any way there are lots of search engines out there
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    Whatever you say. I use GoClick exclusively and pull HUGE ROIs from it. I don't use it a lot more, cause I'm a big chicken. Like Alex Goad says, some engines do better with certain terms than others. You just have to test.
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    well go click now sucks, some of my friends spoked to alex goad and he says that they got greedy when he released google payload

    due to the high demand of traffic requested they started to send crappy traffic and now adsense hates goclick (just wanted to state that if some of you ever plan to adsense arbitrage)

    if u use goclick for adsense = banned in record time
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    awesome article, jayzee.

    so just don't use goclick. is everything else still valid?

    i'm not sure i want to risk losing my adsense account...

    would this work on parked domains? i know most don't allow paid traffic, but for the ones that do?
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    Your article is much more simple and easy to understand compared with google payload ebook. thanks Jay Zee..I'm still waiting my adsense check to do this arbritage method
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    thanks buddy nice post .
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    i did this arbitrage thingy..Bought traffic from adengage and adsense account lost..So, i recommend not doing this.

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    Yeah, easy way to get your adsense account closed.