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    Hello BHW

    I applied for adsense about 3 weeks ago the first time, i got my answer after 2 days and got rejected, then i applied again with another site but the same account and got rejected again (didnt knew i cant advertise drug related articles).

    Then i applied again 7 days ago, insert the ad code 4 times on my website but the adsense panel still says:

    Complete the application to serve ads on your site by implementing the ad code on Your conversion application can only be checked when impressions were recorded for the ad code on this domain."

    A friend of mine got accepted with the same type of website into google adsense after just 2 days.

    I somehow have the feeling that if i dont do anything about that problem i wont get approoved within the next 2-3 months (found many other people via google who wait since months for adsense approval)

    I searched how to contact the adsense team and it seems like you cant contact them.

    For Adwords Customers they have free phone support worldwide and even a live support chat, for non adsense publishers they have NOTHING.

    If someone could help me out with this problem i would be very thankful, i laid out my whole business plan and now this problem stopped everything and i loose money on a daily basis.

    Thank you in advance guys.


    Edit: can i just close my adsense account with the pending approval and create a new one and apply again?
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