Adsense and Viral websites - Why don't they get banned?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Alma, Apr 27, 2015.

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    I was wondering, how they do it so they dont get banned? Most of the viral websites bring bad converting traffic and have clickbait placements of ads and/or too many on one page.
    For example this website: has 6 (if I count correctly) ads on one page. How is that possible? There are many viral sites like this.
    Also, if any members here who have viral websites are able to provide information on how they deal with adsense policies? I know google likes to ban adsense publishers for trivial things, so I dont understand how this is possible. And maybe share which other monetization techniques you use for viral websites? (I know only about Taboola).

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    Not all of the ads on that site are from the AdSense network. They also have DoubleClick ads displaying as well as 3 other networks they seem to be working with. That explains it.

    I also think that page pagination has something to do with the amount of ads they can get away with having on a page from AdSense.
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