Adsense / Amazon / Clickbank Monetization?

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    I've been trying to decide which method is going to be the best start out with. I just got the Screw95 course from LazyAssStoner and now I'm trying to build a niche website. I know it has to be a product related site. I would think that normally when people are looking for a product online they either want to buy it or need more information on it. I want to get the most I can out of the visitor possible. Just sticking with 1000 visitors for math sake, here's what I'm thinking.


    I've been reading the conversion ratios are .5%-5% depending on the layouts / ad placements etc. There's always some ass clown saying "I'm getting 20% conversions blah blah". Again this is AVERAGE base on what I see from other people posting on Adsense journeys across different forums.

    Going in the middle of the road at 2% of 1000 is 20 clicks a day. Possible $20 a day.


    Really depends on the product. Based on the Amazon courses I've been studying 20% click through to Amazon and 5% actually buys once they're there. I'm thinking this may be a better option than Adsense. Most sites after 6 months are making about $500 a month. I got this number from the case studies on and screw95 course.


    Seems like this would be the biggest earner, but may be limited to only a couple products. The threads I've read here on BHW are hit and miss. Some products may sell like hot cakes and some get 1000 hops with only a few sales. Again this could be hit or miss causing you to scrape your current project and create a whole new site in a different niche.

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    Each model takes months before you start actually ranking in search engines. I've been reading it's taking people 3-6 months now before they hit the SERPs. Even in low competition (20K or less) niches. Waiting 6 months to start making $500 a month makes you feel like you're working for peanuts. You're main traffic source would have to be social media until you could pull in organic traffic from Google.


    Creating content for each model is going to be a bitch. Especially when you have such low earnings starting out. I guess you could build more sites concurrently but that would also multiple your work load. Buying content is a risky investment at $5-$8 per article. As we all know 1500 words is the new 500 review. When you aren't bringing in revenue or waiting that 60 days for your first paycheck that can get pricey real quick.

    What do you guys think?