Ads4Dough Meetup - San Diego, March 10th

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    Ads4Dough Meetup 2012 - Are you a CPA affiliate? Come to San Diego and see some of the top affiliates speak about starting, building an growing an affiliate business.

    March 10th, 2012

    Who's invited?
    Media buyers

    Who's not invited?
    Network employees
    Service providers

    Why come to the meetup?
    There will be 6-8 speakers that are real world active affiliates that know how to run big volume campaigns. Talking about some of their tricks of the trade on how they grew their businesses. Also there will be around 400+ affiliates that work the business. No networks or merchants trying to pitch you. You'll know everyone in the room is in the same CPA affiliate business you are.

    Speakers we have lined up are:
    Nickycakes on how to build an scale a ppc campaign -
    Stephan Gross on how to take an affiliate company from a one man show to a big company
    Rob Berkowitz on how to stay compliant and convert. - Partner at
    Alex Tsatskin on how to build and scale mobile campaigns -
    Michael Fristch on how to start and scale display buys to CPA offers.
    Jason Akatiff ( Me, Smaxor and owner of Ads4Dough ) on how to take high volume traffic and marry it to high volume niches. - and
    And maybe one more....
    Panel involving most of the speaker for a Q&A

    If you're an active affiliate come see us in San Diego and learn more tricks of the trade from real world affiliates. Not just big name speakers.

    Come for free, signup today at: Ads4Dough Affiliate Meet-Up 2012

    See you in San Diego!

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