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Ads "Only a phone number" in conjunction with the system of calltracking

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Spysocks, Oct 25, 2016.

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    May 5, 2016
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    It's no secret that the share of mobile data traffic and the number of transactions carried out with mobile devices around the world is growing every year.

    According to Criteo research company, for the 1st half 2016 the proportion of mobile transactions has increased by 13%. This is evidenced by the Google Barometer too, where the percentage of smartphone users has increased from 45% to 61% for the year.

    Undoubtedly, the popularity of smart phones as a means of shopping continues to grow. But what if you want to advertise your product or service, receive phone call conversions, and don`t have money to develop a mobile version of the site?

    Decision by Google AdWords will come to help: search campaigns - Announcements "only a phone number."

    This type of campaign, created by analogy with the search. The difference is that instead of header it uses your phone number. In results of a user sees your number and can call on it by clicking "Call".

    1. Announcements "Only the phone number" allow to exclude the transitions to the website. The user can immediately call and find out all the necessary information about your product
    2. Advertising is designed for calls from mobile devices
    3. CPC is equal to the conversion value of Call.
    4. Ad format is suitable for the types of businesses where there is an urgent request and need to find a quick solution - call a taxi, to evacuate the car, to deliver food or flowers
    5. On the basis of paragraph 4, the greatest effect is achieved by advertising on the top positions above the search results as the user has limited time to make a decision. He needs now and quickly.
    Calltracking system
    When you keep track of incoming calls from the site (from the content of organics, for direct access and so on), you need to understand where from a particular user came to your website. For the collection of statistics is necessary to use third-party services to track conversions on calls such as: calltracking, comagic, calltouch and others.

    Creation of the advertisement "Just the phone number"
    • To make it easier to copy groups and requests on the principle of "one ad group - one keyword" Use Google Editor;
    • If you already have a similar campaign with regular text ads, you need to make an adjustment of rates for mobile "-100%" . This will allow us to avoid competing ads on search.
    If you have installed the code on the site of calltracking service, which replaces the numbers automatically, there is a high probability of rejection ads due to inconsistencies phone number in the ad and website.

    It is necessary that the phone number that you specify in the announcement is also displayed on the site to the AdWords system could confirm it.

    Add a phone number in the footer (or other unit at the website) in the form of text options display: none.

    This value temporarily removes the element from the document. Place that dealing with it is not reserved, and the web page is generated as though the element did not exist.


    Now all that's left to do - again send ads for moderation and begin to track the performance of the phone calls using calltracking system.

    Search campaign advertisement "Just the phone number" is suitable for advertisers who:
    • has a large proportion of conversions carried out on the "urgent" call;
    • has the ability to track conversions using calltracking instruments;
    • has a product or service that is clear for potential client. Otherwise, you will pay for calls to non-targeted audience.