Address+ID/passport to get paid from EU affiliate network?

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    Hey everyone! I don't know if this is the right place to ask but feel free to move the post to any other appropriate section.

    I have made some money from an EU based affiliate network (around 500 euros) and because i am EU based too they now ask me to provide a VAT number to pay me or they can't pay me at all.

    I didn't even know networks ask for VAT cause i used to work with non EU affiliate sites so far and those don't charge VAT at all.

    In my country you need to start a business in order to get the VAT number and that takes huge time and costs allot so its not worth the hassle to even try that.

    My affiliate network suggested i should just provide them with a "relatives info that lives in a non-EU based address and a non EU national ID or passport number" so they would just send the invoice to that info and the payment to me.

    So my question is:

    Is there any legitimate "redirect payments" service that provides such info? All i need is some non-EU business that would accept the invoice for me and provide me with the ID+address to redirect for the payment.

    Thank you!
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    Like any person in EU is uniq sistem and you have to provide VAT number. You do not need business just gave them your personal VAT.
    This will go in to your income for TAX next year and your lovely coutnry will take their %. Their is no way around bcz every EU company have to do business in this way you like it or not. I have company and im telling you that from the first hand.
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    I doubt theres redirect service since it would be a whole for scammings but you can look for someone who would do this for you,but of course scam chance..