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Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by digitalpower, Mar 28, 2009.

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    Ok so lets say you registered a domain called Now you start using addon domains so you can have mydomain2, mydomain3, mydomain4 etc. all share the same web hosting. Is there anyway an internet user can tell that mydomain2/3/4 are addon domains under mydomain?
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    no one will be able to know that any add-on domains, are 'added' to the main/top account domain. in reality CPanel treats add-ons as subdomains of the main domain -> <- and then handles the redirect one will ever see it, and the search engines seem to have no issues either

    the real issue is that if you are planning on having a lot of domains? (I have over 30 live domains) you really will want to get a CPanel/WHM (reseller) account or Ensim Pro (now Parallels) either of these will let you set up domains to have their own log-in, and folder structure. this way you will not be looking a ridiculous amount of folders!

    think about it...set up say 10 domains...with 9 add-on domains? they will show as folders in your main CPanel public_html folder, ALL mixed in with your main domain's folders, and subdomain folders! very very easy to make a mistake.

    as long as you are careful you will be fine...but in the end? I still prefer to have each domain have it's own account.

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    Hey Rhino - well explained and it's all true.

    I have a hosting account with multiple domain hosting (addons) and frankly some programs like imagevue if run on a addon domain - the images failed to load/show if running directly from the addon domain. However, it works only when running through the main domain/addondomainfolder/

    In short, most of the php scripted sites will not run properly using the addon domains as I have experienced.

    I am considering terminating my existing hosting account ....but it's hard to get a good and economical reseller hosting. Any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance