Adding Subwheels to Linkwheels vs. Posting Several Separate Link Wheels for Same Keyword

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by lazyentrepreneur, Jun 11, 2009.

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    I was wondering if someone can tell me what the likely results would be if you posted subwheels to your linkwheel for the same keyword you're working on versus posting different linkwheels not tied to each other. Just building one linkwheel is taking me forever, so I don't know what will happen once that is complete. Just curious about whether subwheels are sufficient versus posting many linkwheels with one keyword string in mind before you start testing other keywords.
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    Adding subwheels to your linkwheels is something that would work as long as you can manage it all. If it's taking you a long time to make one wheel, I'd just focus on making that wheel and getting the hang of managing it. You know, updating your wheel and making sure it's actually ranking before you go out and create a bunch of wheels and being overwhelmed.

    There's a lot of ways you can do it.
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    sub wheels are good first off believe me ive been ranking #1 for a ton of keywords because of my long thought out link wheel strategy...

    here is a few of the things that i do without giving away everything...

    one i have the money site that has its own linkwheel using all web 2.0 props,
    each of these web 2.0 props are a different "related" keyword.
    i rotate between 6-8 properties for my linkwheels.
    then i build sub wheels around 3-5 of the initial web 2.0 props.
    i make sure the center blog links to my main money site, the web 2.0 prop and a random authority site.

    that alone should get you going, oh and i use all dupe content i just rewrite it with power article rewriter and post the variations to my properties. now
    get creative their are so many ways you can add, optimize and alter your linkwheels as for me i have found one that seems like it works regardless of the competition so im going to stick it out with this.
    HINT---i suggest you do a google search for some ebooks regarding linkwheels---look for the old ones from like the 90's

    hope this helps.
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