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    Is it really a "myth" that it's better to not add your site to goole webmasters ? Does it really make any diffence ? Logic would suggest if your genna get a manual penalty for something you genna get one whether you know about it or not!??

    yet some people swear that when blackhatting, not putting site on gwt somehow prolongs you getting caught ?
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    For blackhat sites I normally don't add them to GWMT. There's not much added benefit and if you're doing a lot of BH sites you're kinda connecting the dots for Google.

    At the same time I have put many BH sites on various webmaster tools accounts and they have never received penalties. So it really just depends on the quality & methods used in your BH SEO campaign I suppose.
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    I too asked myself this question last night, and after a chat with a regular in the chat I decided to add one to GWT. Testing will give you the real answers.

    I'm going to be split testing this site vs a very similar one, one with WMT and one without. I'll try to post the results here if there are any.
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    I would be very interested to see that - I have ranked a site with GWMT before but after reading another thread here a while back I decided that it was better to not add your site to GWMT.

    You're basically just giving them more information about your site.. why let them know that people only stay on your pages for X amount of time - perhaps a competitor with the same keyword gets more time spent on his/her pages than you - In my view Google (who wants to create the best USER experience) will use all the information they can get to compare your site with all the others.

    Without GWMT they can only see how many people click on your site after typing the keyword, then see how many of these people return to the search results afterwards (meaning your site wasn't of help). If you let them inside your site with GWMT then they can track everything the user does - and if you're just trying to drive people to click on advertising then chances are a competing page might have longer page views, making Google think you're less useful to the user. Without GKWT user experience is a mystery to them - all they can assess is if the user returned to the search engine or not after clicking - if the user clicks on advert on the site and leaves in 2 seconds, google will be none the wiser..
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