ADBUX.ORG scam be carefull

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by antx16, Jan 19, 2008.

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    Look at now. At the top it says ?Clicks Served: 1,305,856″ which will increase when anyone clicks.

    Take 1,300,000 clicks to make an estimate. Say only 75% of the members are referred by some one. That means $13,000 x 175%, $22,750. That?s how much the members earned so far, but he didn?t pay out that much, because 95% of the members didn?t reach $10 payout. Only the ones with referrals can reach that quickly, and some people with 100+ referrals are the ones you see reaching payout almost every day.

    Maybe he paid $5000 so far?

    Then, how much did he earn? Referral sets are $39.95 for 25 referrals. He sold 100 reserve sets before he shut down the referral sales. Then he sold more sets temporarily on May 7 and May 9. Let?s guess 100 sets each of those times. He also sold many referrals before beginning the reserve sets, and their price fluctuated many times. At that time there were about 30,000 members so we can guess about 7500 unreferred members, which is 300 more sets at that price.

    How much is that? Total 600 sets for $39.95 each - $23,970. You can see how profitable this is to him until he needs to start paying all the members.

    What about upgrade though? With 55,000 members and a very ?promising? upgrade I think he will sell at least 1000 upgrades so far. 1000 for $20 each, that?s $20,000 more.

    What about his other revenue? A few ads purchased, some of his own affiliate ads, and some PPC ads he put up for a while. Not very much but maybe $500-$1000.

    Now you can see he potentially earned up to $44,970 already, maybe even much more. But see how much came from referral sales and upgrades. Once new membership slows he will get very little revenue, from the clicks is not nearly enough.

    Once he is no longer making any profit, my guess is that he will freeze all accounts and close the site - exactly the same thing that happened with Netbux.
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    AdBux is definitely a SCAM.

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    That's why I don't do those "get paid to click ads" or "get paid to read email" bs.