Ad Network Publisher Piracy Email - Need Alternatives

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    Hey guys,

    So I've been using a specific gaming advertising company on my Anime sites for over 2 years now (along with a lot of other Anime site owners) and have been making a good amount from them. However, recently myself and a few others have been hit by their "piracy" department. We have to remove the series that they say, else they'll cut off our ads. Although I can understand why they're doing it (pressure from the licensing companies), I do need an alternative if I want to continue making anything from it.

    I need a list of other good gaming networks that allow Anime - and if possible, either aren't located in the US or don't completely comply with copyright laws (which I know must be hard? but something like Exoclick). The Anime in question are all English dubbed, which is why I'm having trouble with US companies.

    Thanks for reading. Hopefully I can get some decent help here.