Acxiom Citation Method WANTED - $50 Reward

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    Please go to the screenshot link below and read the text in the red box to get a preface:

    I'm doing some local citation research and I need someone who is knowledgeable to provide a credible proposed solution.

    Essentially I want to know if there is a backdoor or a loophole to get a virtual business listing (i.e. UPS post office box) listed within the Acxiom database with a "virtual business" such as a ups post office box location. Talking hypothetically, the actual business isn't located in the same city as the UPS PO Box, but in a totally different location. As you can read from the screenshot above, the big A requires some tangible pieces of information proving that the business is in fact a physical brick and mortar location which makes the solution to this research project more challenging.

    Additionally the actual business has PO Boxes and map listing in several other cities as well. Each map listing being presented to appear as an independent business.

    I'm willing to pay someone $50 if they have a proven method. Please PM me to discuss further.
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    Acxiom requires a single document upload that it is a legitimate business. I can't remember offhand what is the easiest, but I do know you can submit a DBA. In most states registering a DBA should be about $100.

    I tested these big data aggreggators a lot when I was developing my Big Citations service. There's a couple others worth looking at too, like Factual and Infogroup.

    What I found is about Infogroup is that it syndicates its data even if you submit to it and the data isn't verified by you.

    How do I know this? I submitted one of my businesses with the wrong phone number - not intentionally, but it won't let you submit a phone number with an area code that's different from your address. It changed the area code automatically and what I was able to do is fine out where it syndicated to by searching this unique phone number. Interestingly enough Google places made a listing from this data, and it went out to a handful of other top sites as well.

    This may or may not help you, but I will say this. You're going to have a hell of a time doing local with UPS or PO Boxes. Considering the alternatives like mailboxes you can rent with real addresses for $50 or so a month, it would be better going that route.