Action Takers vs. Talkers

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    I just wanted people to think a little bit more before they down talk some of the marketers/product creators out there.

    I've seen many posts that members are saying this is just rehash garbage or this is only for newbies. That may be true but they are taking action. There isn't a magic bullet.

    Sometimes what is so simple can also be the most effective.

    No need to scour night and day for the newest app/product/widget that will promise you more money or traffic than you can handle.

    Find one product that has good reviews and put it into action. This is how you become successful.

    I mean from start to finish. When you have completed that one course then move onto the next.

    That's just my two cents because I want you all to be successful.

    A little less talking and a little more action.
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