Achtung! Wordpress Goes Offline -- Takes Down Thousands of Blogs

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    as of june 10, 2010 (9 pm est) if you're hosting with wp, your blog is probably down. better check it when it comes back! :eek: Goes Down, Takes Millions of Blogs With It

    WordPress (WordPress).com and the millions of blogs hosted by it have gone down for currently unknown reasons. Not only are blogs hosted on down, but WordPress VIP blogs are out of commission as well.

    All it currently says on WordPress-hosted blogs is the following:

    ? will be back in a minute!?

    Millions of blogs, including ones like GigaOm, are down for the count. also experienced extended downtime back in February.

    UPDATE: WordPress has responded to our inquiry, saying that all hands are on deck to restore service and suggesting that we check out its Twitter account ( for updates.

    Here is what Wordpress tweeted moments ago:

    ?We are working on restoring as quickly as possible.?

    UPDATE 2: From @Wordpressdotcom: ?We?ve isolated the issue on, and we are working on a fix.?