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    I know there have been a load of questions etc on the forum about redirection based on IP addresses of the vistor.

    Now, I have set up a website that will give you accurate data based on an IP address.

    The database is updated daily so the data is as accurate as it can be - so no delays in IP changes like the big bucks companies to free users (I think MaxMind free database has a lag of a week on their database updates)

    Now, how would people feel about getting access to the database via a http call to my site, get some plain text back giving them the country (and a few more details) code of the IP they supply.

    I don't want to charge an arm and a leg / monthly subscriptions for the service but if this gets popular then I will have to pay for my bandwidth costs for my server (and it is my server, not shared hosting!), but say a one off 'honesty' charge along the lines of:

    - You will use it very occasionally - $20 one off fee
    - You will use it quite a lot - $35 one off fee
    - You will use this a lot - $50 one off fee

    I won't specify what fee you will pay, thats where the honesty bit kicks in (not sure if you get the old honesty boxes in the states etc but in the countryside around the UK, people leave veg etc outside their house with prices on. YOu take a cucumber, you leave the money in the box type thing), so its up to you and your inner voices to pay what you think.

    Anyway, the service will be tied down by IP address.

    Any questions, feel free to shout / PM

    Remember, this data will be updated daily so you are certain to get very accurate results!

    Cheers guys