Accounts. Convert to YT and dead within 24 hours?!?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by JFoulds, Feb 26, 2013.

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    So I've recently been going through old Google accounts I purchased and had not used (a few weeks old, nothing crazy). However, once I convert these accounts to YT accounts - regardless of how - they're completely banned within 24 hours.

    This applies whether I use them manually and not even for spam (log in, register channel, post relevant comment on relevant video from home IP address with no abuse, no cookies/flash cookies/cache and then reset my IP so I never log in from that IP or account again) - they're still dead after a day.

    Anyone have any idea why the fuck this is happening?
    I don't understand why, if the accounts are flagged somehow already for banning, registering them for YT would 'trigger' this?
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    It's the opposite for me. I make new YouTube accounts and they are banned very quick. Aged Gmail accounts converted to YouTube stay up.
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    Well , again not all accounts are created equal.

    It really matters on a lot of more important factors that are always overlooked which matter a lot more than clearing cookies/flash cookies and 1:1 ip/acct ratio .

    To tell you the truth, I never found that much of improvement of clearing cookies/flash cookies and keeping a 1:1 ratio for maintaining an acct.

    In fact, I always do the opposite, log into my accts from different Ip's(usually worldwide), don't bother clearing flash cookies(never did), and usually have a cookie set for 3-5 accts average on a cookie profile.

    The thing that matter the most was actually the acct creation method, after I realized that youtube/google discriminates more against an acct from its inception on the basis of how it and what it was used to be created, then I stopped carrying more about the IP/flash and normal cookies.

    So in conclusion, something your doing is making those accounts get banned not simply because its your fault, but because those accts are really flagged by youtube as "suspicious" with a lower quality status on those accts.

    By the way, are these pva or non-pva?

    If they are pva, then most likely the fucker sold you those shitty PH based-accts.Just so you know, google actually cares deeply about the number used for pva'ing the accts.They got stricter with accts registering with PH based numbers and using them on a different IP location(different country like usa, europe etc).I think they can get those sms numbers from PH for like 5-10 cents each.
    So when you go ahead and create a youtube acct on those google accts, your going through another set of filters, meaning I don't think it was set for banning as much as it was triggered to get banned once you went to register a youtube account. Remember, google is a big fucking company with a bunch of engineering teams, so the yt guys obviously have a much stricter security than the other products, look at the new sms they introduced on non-pva when you go and create a channel.
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    I think those accounts were made under the same IP.Don`t buy gmail accounts because sellers don`t give a fuck about how they are created,all they want is money.I used to buy accounts too but after 2 months all my accounts were banned .I was earning around 400$ a month and all accounts were banned in a single day.Learned my lesson and moved on.