Access to my suite of SEO/IM tools for $0. Pay NOTHING. No catches - LIMITED TIME + BONUS

How would you like access to all these custom SEO and internet marketing tools below for $0? literally nothing.

Seo Scanner - Check your entire website for common SEO issues

URL Profiler - Check a list a URLs for set criteria
Duplicate Internal Content Finder - Pages dropping from Google? Could be duplicate internal content. We'll check.
Email List Cleaner - Got an email list? Want the dud emails removing?
Bloated Image Finder - Unoptimised images hurting your SEO? We'll check your site.
Content Counter - Want to know exactly how much content a website has?
Email Finder - Enter a website and we'll find all the emails on it.
Broken Link Finder - Great for finding backlink building opportunities!
Website Error Finder - Make sure every page on your website is loading as expected.
Sitemap Creator - Want to submit a sitemap to Google but don't have WordPress? We'll scan your site and build you a sitemap.

Website Spelling Checker - Stop losing business because of common unprofessional spelling mistakes.

As you can see from the screenshots below they all work and they are all cloud hosted so zero risk of viruses etc.

All you have to do is comment, "UNLOCK TOOLS" below and I'll send you the link for you to instantly start using them, no catches.

Yes we're making ZERO money from this while we grow the brand.


Do you know how much it costs to get custom software made by an experienced software developer?

I can tell you most experienced good software developers in the UK/US charge around £500/$600 per day.

So to get a custom tool created costs more than most people starting out can afford, but what if I told you that you could get any custom tool you want for $0?

On our website we are practicing user driven software development to the extreme.

We'll develop whatever the people ask for and best of all while we grow our brand...our tools cost nothing to use!

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, come and check out the tools we've already made. You can use them right now on our website. No catches.

Do you think there is a high demand for the tool you need? Well, that's great because the more people vote it up on our website the quicker it will get developed and released!

Register an account now on our website (costs nothing) and submit your tool request then ask anyone who might also benefit from the tool to vote it up.

Website Spelling Checker

Are people visiting your website but not buying your products because of unprofessional spelling errors? We'll scan your entire website for common spelling errors.

Sitemap Creator
Need to submit a sitemap to Google of all your pages? We can make it for you in both TXT and XML format.

Website Error Finder
Large amounts of broken pages can really damage your SEO efforts. Scan your website for errors such as missing pages (404) or broken pages (500) and many more.

Broken Link Finder
Scan your website for broken links both internal and external. This is a great way to keep your website healthy and also find backlink building opportunities.

Email Finder
Want to find those key contacts to market to quickly? Our tool can scan any website for email address.

Content Counter
Scan any website and count the amount of content the website has published. This is great for SEO competitor analysis or keeping track of your own content writing progress.

Bloated Image Finder
Are large images slowing your website down and ruining all your SEO efforts? We can help you find them.

Email Iist Cleaner
Have a large email list you need cleaning? We'll remove invalid domains/emails, fake emails and more.

Duplicate Internal Content Finder
Have a website and worry about the amount of duplicate internal content you have? Are pages randomly getting dropped from the google index? We'll check your duplicate internal content for you.

Seo Scanner
Scan your entire website for issues such as missing H1 tags, missing alt tags, keyword density issues and more.

URL Profiler
Searches through a list of URLs for ones that match your criteria. For example give the tool a list of 10,000 websites and it will check which ones allow blog commenting for promoting your brand.

Here are some of the tools in development...

Proxy Checker

Want to check if your proxies are working as expected? This tool has highly configurable checks.

Google Scraper
Want the top 5000 results for your keyword? Enter it into our system then sit back and relax because we'll email you the results when it's scraped them off Google.

Viral Spy
Scan your competitors website for their most viral content.

Pricing: $0
Contact details: Contact me on this thread.
Full refund policy: N/A
Bugs: If you find any bugs please drop a comment on the thread and we'll check them out :)

I tried it for 5 minutes and yeah, not for me I'll stick with open ai.
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