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Accepting CC Payments for Dropshipping- PayPal vs Braintree vs 2Checkout

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by stand3, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. stand3

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    Sep 8, 2014
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    I have been setting up a European dropshipping woocommerce site. I would like the site to have the option to pay with credit card without PayPal account but it seems kinda complex.

    1) I set up PayPal Express Checkout (Verifications done in PayPayl), selected Guest Checkout in Woo, also selected Billing Page as Landing Page in Woo PayPal settings

    but after many tests most of the times the Landing Page demands from the user to create an account which is something that I dont want.

    2) After reading a lot of threads I signed up for Braintree ( without linking my PayPal account ) set up the Braintree API credentials in Woo Checkout Settings and it is working like a charm, even tried a transaction and the money showed up in the Braintree Dashboard but they are not available for withdrawal.

    I saw that I had to complete the account details, I put in the names, adresses and the contact information, asked me about the name of the Business and stuff and after filling all these after a day
    I got an email asking for

    - copy of your national ID
    - business registration document or articles of incorporation, outlining shareholder information
    - Please provide proof of your domain ownership.
    - Please explain your business model in detail. What products/services will you be accepting payments for with this merchant account?
    - In order to approve your account, we will need to see your pricing page that will include the products/services offered for sale through Braintree.
    - Are you holding inventory yourself? If so, please provide your reseller agreement or invoice showing proof of purchase of these items

    The problem is I dont have any business set up, so I dont have the "business registration document or articles of incorporation".
    And I also dont have any invoices or reseller agreements since it will be a dropshipping business and I plan to manually dropship.

    3) I read a bit about 2CheckOut, is the process of applying the same as Braintree?

    Any ideas how to get through Braintree or maybe another credit card payment suggestion?
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