Accepted into CPA network, few questions before I begin...

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by gangsta1, Oct 14, 2009.

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    Hi All,

    I only discovered this forum about a week ago and have been reading it lots. Ive decided to venture into CPA advertising and have been accepted by a decent company. However, before I get under way a few questions I am seeking the answer to..

    1. If I send customers to the CPA offers from forbidden places (social networks, forums, CL and such) and redirect so that it looks like they were coming from my site, will I need to get some "genuine" traffic to my blog/website? Do they check how many hits my blog/site has had or just their affiliate link?

    2. If I hide the link and direct the user to my site and then to the offer, will it count as a hit for my site?

    3. This may seem like a fairly obvious question but I want to be sure: If I send out email with my affiliate link and lots of people convert, will I need to prove where I got these email ads from?

    4. I dont need to use the site I originally submitted with my company for advertising do I?

    5. If I plan to promote the BHW (social networks and such) will I need a genuine website/landing page so that it looks like my customers came from there? (redirect link). Its just I dont want to have to build a blog/site for every offer I plan to promote.

    6. Is it okay to promote US offers when I am not in the US?

    Hope these questions dont make me seem to stupid, I have just had complete informatioon overload from this site :-s

    Thank you all for reading!
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    4. No you don't have to use the specific website.

    6. No. Just bring in US traffic...thats all really.

    Sorry I can't give you more answers to your brain is fried today.