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    Being a newbie on this forum, I've spent the last couple of weeks just looking around BHW, like a kid with a $100 bill in a candy store. I think it is certainly the best IM forum I have come across.

    That said, I found it quite bewildering that there seems to be so much talk of 'falling standards', with the old timers moaning about how the forum seems to be going to the dogs, what with all these newbies around. It seems it didn't used to be like that in the good ol days. I suppose such grumbles are, in a way, just a reflection of wider human behaviour, and thus to be expected.

    Even so, one of the things that intrigued and, to a degree, intimidated me from making any posts, is all the warnings and threats that I came across from 'the establishment' . From these, it's clear to see theirs is a constant battle to maintain standards.

    It seems one of the main controlling measures centers around the number of Posts a member needs to move to a higher, more exclusive level within the forum. But, from what I've read, it seems this requirement in turn has its drawbacks, as some seek to bump up their Posts count with trite and unnecessary one-liners, to the fury of said establishment and old guard.

    Okay, I'll get to the point. :amish:

    Why not review the whole 'reward/punishment' scheme? For instance, instead of using Posts count (alone or even at all) you could maybe base progress to the next level (ie Jr VIP) on the number of Thanks a member gets over a period. It seems to me members only get their Thanks button clicked based on what other members think of that particular post they've made. So, as I see it, those who are clocking up lots of Thanks are making the most appreciated contribution to the forum, hence should be rewarded accordingly.

    Such a system should also help dissuade those who post a one-line written 'thank you' -- instead of clicking on the Thanks button -- as they will soon learn that doing so not only won't actually be appreciated by the member they are thanking, but won't gain them any meaningful credit (in Posts count -- as it does now) either. Such one-liners should also be deleted anyway as a matter of course, with any 'credit' gained deducted, perhaps along with an additional 'admin charge' of two Posts, say. Thus, in time the habit of writing thanks, rather than clicking the Thanks button, will/should die down, and thereby also easy the blood pressure of the old purists, as well as make for a 'tidier' more focused forum.

    Another advantage of incorporating the Thanks into the qualifying conditions is that those who make really appreciated contributions in the sections that are currently excluded from the Posts count system (eg Downloads, Feedback, BST, etc) could have their valued contribution included too. I find it puzzling that those who have made the effort to give fellow members access to really useful stuff in the 'excluded' sections are not currently able to gain much for their efforts; while others who know how to 'work the system' in 'included' sections may be adding a lot to their Posts count without actually benefiting fellow members very much with their random jottings.

    Well, there you have my thoughts on this subject. As this my very first contribution to this forum, I hope there won't be too much laughing and pointing. I accept there may be lots of good reasons that a dumb newbie like me 'wouldn't understand' why such an idea simply won't fly. But even so, I think it behoves all of us to help the forum come up with a system that rewards those who contribute most, and that IMHO needs to include the sections currently excluded from the current not-very-fair Posts count system.