AC for a international writers

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    May 17, 2009
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    i had already signed up with them but they taking longer than 4 days to verify and the money income is very low from it

    so i've decided to ask if buying a verified account froem someone would worl or do they check ip etc when posting
    also do they check paypal account, i have verified but not us verified.

    i am wondering also if i could look for someone reputable on these forums with an AC account that i could sumbit offers to
    and they submit it get paid and we split the money 40-60% (cause i am the one doing all the work c'mon)

    or if there is any other way for an international memeber to submit to get the upfront payment.
    thank you very much
    i can write about anthing and i'm a very good writer
    i would upload all my biotechnology and virology reports from school also