About to create Amazon Ecommerce Site.

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    May 6, 2014
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    So I got my doamin name and the niche, but I have few questions.
    1.I want to use WooCommerce, but idk if I can direct them from the check-out to Amazon cart, is that possible?
    2.How can I make the prices update? sometimes when there's a deal, I dont want to change it by myself, its too long.
    3.About amazon, how can I direct them to the cart with items? like there's a dress, blue and red, how can I add it to the cart?
    4.Can I create a post template? because I want it look better than just a post.
    5.Can I write on the top of the site "powered by Amazon" or something like that?

    thnks guys
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    Jul 6, 2013
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    1 - I used WooCommerce with other affiliate websites (local ones). It required some modifications. I think there is a WooCommerce plugin for just this affiliate idea
    2- I haven't understood what you wrote
    3- You cannot create a cart, you just link them to amazon and hope that they will make a purchase within the next 24 hours and they are yours :) (Amazon counts you as their affiliate as long as they made a purchase within 24 hours from the time they click one your affiliation link)
    4-Not sure - wait for the pro's :)
    5- Definitly not, you cannot say your site is amazon, because it's not!
    Instead of trying to forge and tell people you are Amazon you should make a site *similar* to Amazon.
    You can use Amazon's background colors, link colours, fonts, headlines font and colors, etc
    This way people will feel more comfortable when they will click on your affiliation link and go to Amazon
    Be sure to use your own logo and such, because forging Amazon is a bad idea!