About to be laid off...

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by EdwardD, Apr 29, 2010.

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    I been following these forums for a while now, I'm about to be laid off in 2 weeks... and I got savings to live for about 2 months and I'm done.

    I know the basics. I'm member of a bunch of CPA and google adsense (with a $35.10 balance)

    Find a Product. Get people to buy it. Profit from the comission's.

    I know wordpress and HTML but 0 graphic design.

    Like a year ago I went into affiliate marketing, tried several methods, built blogs, websites, backlinks and all but never made enough to cash out. This time I want to go in all in, will make investments and will go balls deep after all I got nothing else and nothing to lose. But I want to do it right, I want to find a mentor, one that believes in Me and to whom I will give my 50% earnings if he helps me.

    Sorry if this spam, just almost a little desperate.

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    Not to be harsh but you don't need a mentor or guru, you just need to play to your strengths and keep experimenting until you succeed. Being unemployed will give you the desperation edge just work hard and youll find a way to make it work for you.

    Also its fairly likely that any paid mentor you get here will just BS you and run with your money.

    By the way that bit of advise is $20 I accept paypal :p
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    i wrote a huge post yesterday but the thread got deleted.

    do some facebook, its going to take time.

    first think of a unique group name that stands out, i mean real ass unique, you get inspiration from real life experience. create the group, make it catchy, add some info and the invite your friends code, add a nice professional pic.

    once its done its time to kick it.

    first thing you do is invite friends from your real account till you get a few hundred people in a day or two..

    then create fake accounts. use hotmail to generate a couple of emails, google "most common american surnames" and "most given names of the 90s" to come up with names. you can get pics from hot european chicks etc.

    add some quotes, more pics, places, shows, join a few groups to stand out the bots and make it look legit.

    then start posting. open up mafia wars groups farmville groups etc and post. these walls are posted to a lot, so you'll need to post every few minutes. work for hours posting and then youll get a lot of friend requests. i sometimes got like 20 tabs open. you can use a bot in here to automatically accept all those. http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...-lighter-facebook-accept-friend-bot-free.html

    works like a charm.

    once youve gathered around 4-5k friends, invite them all with the script everyone uses.

    then a few days later you might want to exchange invites with other members here as im sure they wont mind.

    your group will take off virally if its unique enough.

    you can then figure out a shitton of ways to profit quickly. you might even sell it. a recent one sold for $800 with 180.000. do the math. its not that hard reaching those numbers as ive done shit like that :)

    promote surveys, affiliate programs, your websites, whatever, its a goldmine. people that say facebook is dead are joking ;) or are really fucking stupid!

    now go work on your hustle
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    Your living is about to go out the window and yeah it would be great if you could make something happen from internet marketing but as you have no campaigns going right now, it's probably not smart to put all your eggs in that basket.

    I'm not saying it can't happen because it does all the time. But my best advice to you is to yeah, try again to make some money at IM but during these next 2 months I would seek out another secure job as well.
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    There is always money in slinging porn!
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    I always say if you are going to be laid off, then concentrate on getting "laid often"

    Seriously OP, IM is something you get into from a position of strength, not desperation. That means it should be a sideline for you until you get it established which means you need another supporting job or income while you do it.

    I know sometimes people think that desperation creates success and in some cases it does, but I don't think thats true about IM. It will just break you down because you are going to have a lot of failures and trial and error at first which will be a lot easier to take if you aren't worrying about your income.
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    Software Analyst at Xerox

    I totally agree with Howard, if you have 2 months of savings then protect it as best you can and find a new job asap! Then test out the marketing of a product, website ect. You need to find what works first, then repeat it. It may take many more months to do this than 2.. unless your lucky.

    Good luck either way!
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    No one is going to your mentor for free. Mainly because most people on here realize time is money, and teaching them how they do is rather counter productive to their own campaign. That's like saying teach me a good method, and if your lucky I will keep my word and give you the full 50%.

    Am I wrong?
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    I agree with the other posters:

    1) find a new job
    2) hang on to those 2 months of savings because (see #5)
    3) learn all that you can while you're doing the day gig
    4) create your own methodology based upon what you have learned
    5) when you have a plan, invest those savings into your business. You'll know what to spend it on after you have come up with your method. DO NOT try to start your business without putting in some money unless you want to waste a lot of time.
    6) keep re-investing your profits into your business. Keep your day job until you are at a comfortable level with your business.
    7) quit your day job
    8) go hang out at the beach with your laptop
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    If you are willing to work hard, look for a job right now and have a white-hat and a black-hat project to work on

    For white hat

    -Find a market (not a niche, know your market if not read about one)

    -Find a wordpress theme or something with an opt-in form

    -Find a mailing list service (like aweber)

    -Create a freebie report that you will give away in exchange for their e-mail (if you are stressed for time, find a clickbank product in your market and go to the affiliate part, they will most likely have a freebie product there)

    -Write content on a consist basis. Content is king Do not bs this, this is your white-hat sh!t. If you have good content, people will naturally read your stuff, opt in, backlink you, and buy your offers

    -Create content for your mailing list, where you sprinkle offers such as clickbank products, CPA products, your own product, or even sell e-mail blasts with other marketers for money

    -Market your website

    That is the bare-bones, non bs way of marketing. Of course you still need a market, content, and products to promote. If you are on a job, spend atleast three hours, where you dedicate one hour on working on website stuff, one hour on content and products, and one hour on marketing. Do not put adsense on this website

    For your black-hat plan, start reading up some facebook things or CPA things. Facebook is hot right now and someone posted a good method a few posts ago.

    Action = Results. Its just how it is. The more you put into it the more you get out. Every reality was an idea once, but you still have to take action to make that idea a reality. Don't dream everyday, find something and do it or you won't go far in internet marketing.
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    I total agree with Tygrus, I was lucky to being through this shit. As in to work IM with desperation. [With no income to support my IM] which is miserable cause you are not sure whether it's work or not. Yes, you have tons of time but it's even better if you can outsource it while earning as a full-time.

    My suggestion is that if possible get a day job at the time being and work IM as sideline. I learn that the only way to success in IM is to work as you are tons of money to try out. [With your monthly paid job, of cos. :)]

    Or if you want, take yourself maybe 1-2 month to work on your website, learn the IMs trade [Reading tons of ebooks or software - Thanks to BHW!] After that then look for job which I did. As this give you certain period of times to faster create your website and know what you want before looking for job and work your IM as part-time.

    Hope this help. Remember, don't take your job as a pay job but a cash flow to help you in IM. Of cause don't spend all your money on IM! BHW will help us out. :)
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    This isn't something that happens over night or 2 months... I don't suggest you go balls deep - it might not work out. Put your money in the lottery you really do have better odds there :x Best of luck.
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    Dude, get a job first. Don't you dare go into this full time if you haven't figured out something that does generate money first.