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    Hello Everyone. been a member for some time now and have just begun actively participating in the forums. Figure it is time to post a little introduction.
    I work a 9-5 job that is fine, but have always seen those ebooks all over the net promising riches. Looked at a few and realized it was possible, just needed that drive. So basically I've been lurking, picking up a tip here or there and studying always making excuses not to try anything. Basically not acting. Well, I've finally decided to get into it. That's the only sure fire way to make it happen. I don't necessarily need the extra money, but what harm would it be to have it. The only way I see myself failing is if I stop and do nothing. I have gotten that thought out of my head and only see success. Besides, whether or not i make $10 or $1,000,000 I will have gained the knowledge from something new that I can always use.

    Well, that was a long intro. Hope to be more active. For some reason forum posting has not been a strong suit of mine, but I am tackling it to overcome it.