About scrapebox, where to find proxies to harvest only?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by SalieriJazz, Mar 9, 2014.

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    Oups, I forgot
    Well, long story short, I have 10 semi-dedicated private proxies, bought them initially for GSA, but I bought yesterday SB. I want to harvest links, to select the best ones with DA/PA, and then MANUALLY comment on them. So ... I'll basically use use SB only for harvesting, not for posting.

    Would be 10 private proxies enough? If yes, how many threads I should use? Asking this because I've heard guys who are using 50 private proxies ... and that's too expensive for me at the moment.

    Also ... if 10 if not enough, where the hell can I find some good public proxies for SB? Been searching for an hour straight here on the forum but I didn't really find anything recent, only old things.

    Also, if I try to harvest proxies directly with SB it moves sooo slow, wtf.

    Thanks a lot, cheers!
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    I'd suggest Proxyrack for harvesting. Go for their 100 thread plan as a minimum and you'll be harvesting like a beast. Otherwise, just subscribe to a pre-filtered daily public proxy service like proxygo.

    10 private proxies is sufficient if you only want to use them to comment. Remember, they are also by default used for scraping if you load them up in GSA.