About how long for On-Page SEO to take effect and pages to rank once indexed?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Newff, Oct 6, 2013.

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    My site just got indexed today, and my site should be able to rank well because of how easy my competition is decently even without backlinks. My question is if that is true... How long does it usually take once indexed for Google to start ranking your pages. I know it will probably bounce a little at first for a while but to show up in the top 500 results for example.
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    Without backlinks it's can take some days, weeks, months or year..?? No one can predict..
    But I've experience a same situation like yours.
    Once my site are indexed, I just post 1 article on articlebase and 1 Press Release on premium account.
    1 week later my site are #2 for it's main keyword.

    So, come guys even a perfect on-site Seo are nothing without quality links.. I mean if your site already ranked and then come a competitor with a better profile backlinks, you'll be overtaken easily..
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    Quickest way to get a page indexed is to put a link to it in the description of a youtube video. I've had a few pages indexed within hours this way. If you don't have a video, find one relevant to your niche (doesn't really matter though), download it using one of the many download youtube video websites, cut 1 second off the beginning or end and upload it. Done. This will begin the ranking process...