About growing a Wordpress blog with a big traffic from 2 million fans in FB

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by dreadpixel, Dec 26, 2015.

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    Hello everyone, Im working on growing a blog since I already growed Facebook to 2 million fans from Latin America.
    After a while I thoguth I was banned in adsense I stopped working with web content and focused on coding custom bots and more scripts for automating, also I did custom bots for users, but last week I read that when you get banned from adsense you only get banned from your email and your address for PIN verification. So I applied again and Im sending 30-40k to blog right now, which converts and give about $30 USD per day for that visits.
    Im trying to raise the traffic to 100k but Im finding it kinda difficult because Facebook stops sending traffic to the link after the day of published.

    I want to do several things to raise the traffic:
    1.- Grow Tumblr (17k), Pinterest(1.7k), Twitter(33k), Google Plus (1k) and post the links from notes there.
    2.- I already applied to Google News to receive traffic from there.
    3.- SEO Yoast and filled properly.
    4.- Optimize pagespeed

    I already bought Social Warfare and works perfectly.

    Anyone knows what else can I do to receive traffic from other sources? Its easy to grow other sources when you got a fanpage with that quantity of fans but its difficult to receive steady SEO traffic, I havent got any visit from search engines. That is totally weird for me.

    If anyones can suggest something? Or maybe you offer a service to optimize so please PM.
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    You can use that traffic to build traffic for a CPA-powered blog.
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    Try FB adverts!
    works pretty well for me!
    Target your audience as much as possible!
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    PM me, please.
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    The first thing I'd look at is your conversion rate. Currently sending up to 40,000 to a blog - for $30?
    I would do is look at your conversion funnel. Ad placement and revenue streams.
    Even developing world traffic for a spam niche like porn should be making you more than that .

    I have a cricket page on Facebook I'm working on (when I have the time) Almost exclusively traffic from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Click bait article and a $5 boost here and there linked to a site I'm rebuilding. That makes 4x what you are making with 1/8th of the traffic (So 32x better ROI).

    A half decent return would be 0.8 cents per visitor even with the spammiest niche and the spammiest traffic which means you should be making a bare minimum of $500 a month.
    Many of the sites that use Outbrain or similar make 2 to 3 cents per visitor gross and close to 2 cents net.
    You've probably seen the browser destroying - Java and flash conflict nightmare sites - they lead to with the same pictures of some sportswoman showing a bit of boob or whatever.
    Shovelling hard to increase your traffic levels is a great idea - but your revenue per visitor is the first thing I'd address.

    You're leaving more than 90% of what you should be earning (and that's assuming it's shit traffic and a shit site) and the table - if you have decent traffic and a half decent site - you are leaving more than that on the table
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