About DIY CPA and My Truth About Zips Emails Submits

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    So here is the thing. A lot of people are bringing up the fill out your own offers thing again, and while they should not do it let me explain what is going on. These people in large part are driving traffic. I drive traffic. And good traffic. I have a rock solid employment method where the user is auditioning to review advertising sites. And guess what my conversion rate is? 1 percent. These people are told that the job entails review and quality control of the site and my conversion rate is 1 percent. So my ads suck. Not so fast.

    I send out roughly 200 emails a day to prospects. This is not to be full time $ but back in the day it was nothing to generate $20 bucks off such a move. Now, $2. So I tell these people to submit their impressions to me of the site and I will evaluate their skill. Sure I get pissed off peeps but whatever. Anyways what happened is amazing. I send 200 mails. 75 click through, about normal, and fairly pleased. 1 conversion. 27 M*&^%$#ing responses with typed up answers. So yeah people get pissed. And fraud. Thing is the downward spiral continues further, until nothing will be left of the industry.

    So thinking CPA is in trouble. Good affiliates are being screwed by bad affiliates and in turn going bad themselves. Am I a good affiliate? I am blackhat. Not an angel, but real people click and fill the stuff out. And maybe in the end it is all about being able to sleep, but to me it matters. But, more shave, more anger more fraud. Look the dudes on here are smart and smarter than me, and maybe they have the answer. Maybe not. But, you got to know that if the fraud does not stop CPA is finished. But if the shaves don't stop the fraud will increase.

    So, what do you do? For my part I am going to exclusively ringtones, something hard to fraud, and seems to be decent conversions. Completely different strategies, but to me, emails are over. I don't want to hear some smart assed statement of how you can get away with it or how you are banking $. Save it just save it. Also don't want to hear how I am doing it wrong or could do it better I know that. I don't claim to be a genius and if I was half of Zen or Harro probably would not be posting. These people are literally doing us favors by spending efforts here. So lets put our heads together and come up with a solution to save the industry. Not a method for individuals but save the industry. You remember how it was before CPA. Let's not revisit that.
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