Abnormous increase of traffic but for a short time and often

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    Aug 1, 2012
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    For the past month our website has an abnormous increase of traffic. But this increase stays only 30 minutes. Google drives 5 times more visitors to the same pages, which usually drives us traffic. We can see this on the graphs online. Usual number of online visitors is 100. On the boost it can be 300-400. I have cleared cookies, used proxy to check google possition and they are the same as previously. We get this boost around each 3 days. Actually when we see daily UV graph, this boost is not visible. Only in daily online graph. Any idea what should i do, what changes should i make, to "save" this traffic? Any experience with that? Same situation was with our other websites in 2011, but after a month or two it just stopped and we stayed with same traffic.