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    How does one start being tech savvy if all you know about computers is basic internet skills? No knowledge or experience about website building or anything regarding this new world? Whats the advice? Where does one start from? What are the costs? What is the timeline?
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    Aug 6, 2015
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    You learn.

    You find tutorials and you follow them step by step until you get it right.

    There are plenty of tutorials here on this forum and on Google. I learned css and html from a really, SUPER old website called Lissa Explains. It's still up. This was back when Geocities was still a thing, mind you. But I just followed her tutorials step by step and practiced until it was second nature to me.

    That's what you have to do.

    Nowadays people forgo HTML and CSS for Wordpress so you may want to start with a basic Wordpress tutorial but I feel it's never a bad idea to start from scratch and learn the basics.

    The costs are free (don't ever pay for a basic tutorial). You need website hosting and a domain, but you can get both of those inexpensively.

    As for the timeline, it depends on how well you learn and how much you're willing to put into it. It took me a couple of weeks to master HTML and CSS but I was a kid and I didn't have anything to do. So I sat around for 4-6 hours a day just playing with coding and creating different websites. You may not have that luxury, so it might take you a lot longer.
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    tunak tunak tun
    This. Even if you won't code your websites yourself, it will still come in handy to know HTML and CSS, maybe php(but that thing is an other kind of animal). No matter what "premium" theme will you buy, there will always be little things that you want to customize and can't do it using the control panel.
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    Crash & Burn with code and graphics until you start getting the hang of things.

    Then do the same with Marketings & SEO, until results start to pour in.

    IM isn't as easy at it seems, you need to love what you do on your computer in order to succeed.