A2ADS - Another network bites the dust (AKA Jon Lyons/Fluxads/Fineline Media)

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    Effective today, May 5, 2016, A2Ads will no longer continue its operations as a network. This decision was not made lightly and we are so thankful for all of you wonderful publishers who have worked with us over these 12 years. Unfortunately, this last year has been filled obstacles beyond our control that proved to be too difficult to overcome. With several advertiser non-payments, as well as lawsuits resulting from fraudulent affiliate traffic, we have found ourselves in an impossible position. We have made many attempts to overcome these obstacles but in the end, have been unable to. Therefore, we have no other option than to close down the network and liquidate our entire assets in an effort to satisfy all outstanding affiliate payments. Additionally, once all advertisers who have chosen to not pay on their bills have been properly notified by our attorneys, we will be publicizing that list, as well as the list in an effort to prevent any future business being done with them.

    A letter will follow shortly from our attorneys to address any questions you may have. Once again, we appreciate all of you who have worked with us during this 12 year run and we wish you the best of luck moving forward.

    Thank you.
    - The A2Ads Family
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    Didn't get no email! I'm owed alot of money.