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    I just found this, you have to apply in person, I'm not advertising their ad or their website, I'm showing you what I thought was a great idea to monetize on if you have the knowledge.
    So you could twist this method anyway you wanted, I thought it was interesting. You could do whatever other niche exists out there... It's a post from criagslist in Denver, CO. I live there, and boy do I wish I had discovered this website a lot sooner! I've only known about this place since I signed up. Seeing as how this information is potentially resourceful to some, I decided to share it.

    This forum is truly a place of Radical Openness. "The free exchange of information and the free flow of ideas, a place where ideas can have sex"... Jason Silva quote, there's a great video titled radical openness by him and I strongly encourage you to watch it.

    Well I hope this is helpful, I'm just trying to share some information with people :)

    ....and I'm kind of questioning how valuable this info is but whatever :cool:

    From craigslist...
    The Company
    Great Dental Websites (greatdentalwebsites dootcoom) is seeking an additional highly organized, motivated SEO Analyst.

    We've helped over 350 dentists market themselves online, with services ranging from simple websites to full-service, ongoing marketing. Great Dental Websites has tripled its staff and doubled revenue in the last year, and we don't see any signs of slowing down. As we continue to grow, we are looking to add new staff to our team to ensure that all clients are receiving the same level of attention as when we had our very first few.

    The Position
    You will be responsible for assigned SEO accounts, manage monthly tasks, and other SEO tasks as needed. Training will be provided as needed. This is a salaried full time position.

    Experience and Skills Requirements
    -Qualified candidates will be self-motivated and have a positive attitude. You must have the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, constantly evolving environment
    -2-4 years SEO experience
    -Experience with dental or medical fields a major plus

    -Website research, including backlinks analysis, keywords, competitive analysis, etc
    -Mentoring junior members of team
    -Collaborating with other Analysts
    -Other possible responsibilities include social media posts and research, Search Engine Rank Position tracking, and other internet-marketing tasks

    Skills include:
    -Strong knowledge of Google Applications (Gmail, Drive, Analytics, Webmaster tools, etc)
    -Strong analytical skills
    -Ability to meet deadlines
    -Familiarity with Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media outlets
    -Willingness to learn new skills and implement them quickly
    -Excellent communication skills
    -Experience working with Content Management Systems (CMS)

    Salary commensurate with experience.

    Perks - Loft office right next to Coors Field with a foosball table and beer in the fridge. Monthly happy hours and a fun work environment. Flexible work schedule (Take off for powder day - no problem!), and you won't have to sell your soul doing black hat work (we do things by the book).

    Very Important! To apply, please add the word "Floss" to the subject line so our email software can filter applicants accordingly. Absolutely no calls, walk ins, etc. We are not interested in contracting to another agency. This position is full time, in house only.

    To Apply, you must send all of the following:
    1) Intro/Cover letter - in email is fine
    2) Resume
    3) $ requirements