a website has outrank me for my main keyword (domain name!)

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    hey guys

    Let say my website name is forexample: jumbojumbo.com

    When I search in google jumbojumbo.com it shows my website name as first result, Well thats good!

    But when I search Jumbojumbo my website will go to 2nd or 3rd page and a spammy website is being shown as first result.
    My website name is Not a common word, Its something unique and not used by any other websites- I have trademark my domain name as well.

    he had used some bh seo tools to get thousands of spammy back links. I dont want to risk and use BH tools because it may get my website blacklisted but that guy doesnt care about his website.

    I am promoting my website through Radio ads thats why I only have a few backlinks on internet... However I am receiving thousands of visitors daily... but unfortunately I am losing many of them cause when they search my website name it is not being shown on google as first result

    What should I do?
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    You could take the passive approach of continuing to do what you are already doing, this is valid on two fronts. Firstly, if he is building spammy links to his site, he might get a penguin slap soon. Secondly, with your radio campaigns and legitimate traffic already being driven to your website, you are bound to be building some hearty organic links over time which might help you gain those ranks in due course.

    Alternately, If you want to take action, the way I see it you have a few different choices of how you could proceed.
    - Firstly would be increasing your current SEO efforts in the 'white hat' or safer way, which in my mind is generating some good hand written content and submitting some manual links \ manual blog comments \ directory submissions etc.
    - Secondly you could look at pointing some smart spam towards your website. You could either do some tiered link building on your own, or hit up the BST section of this forum and pay somebody to do it for you.
    - Thirdly, you could do some negative SEO towards your competitions website in hopes that it will bring about his penguin slap even quicker. What I mean by this is you fire up programs like NoHandSeo, GSA SER, Scrapebox and Xrumer and point viagra and diet links towards his website by the truckload lol. People debate on whether or not this actually does anything quite often, but regardless of it's effects you can be certain that negative SEO is real at least in a sence that Google is more likely to discover and review their site by finding those bad links.

    If you have done the keyword research and the phrase 'jumbojumbo' or whatever gets quite alot of monthly searches according to google then in my opinion it is worth you having a go at one or all of the things I mentioned here.
    Best of luck, hope I helped.
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    I don't believe you can lose your visitors just because they search for your name on Google and it isn't there.

    It means, you are not promoting your full website with the dot com on the radios.

    I also don't think it will be difficult to rank your site for it's name.

    Simply, use some high pr contextual backlinks. Since it's a TM with no competition you'll be fine.

    You aren't ranking for your name because your site has no backlinks or authority yet.

    I also suggest you register your presence on the internet.
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    You know what would turn that around is a couple of press releases with your site name.
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    I would keep doing what you are doing because those spam sites will get hit eventually. Plus, your exposure on the radio should bring you in some links eventually or at least the majority of traffic for your brand name.