A way we can all earn money off each other - if anyone interestedA way we can all earn mon


Sep 6, 2010
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A way where we can all earn money off each other- There are members that are associated with PPC PPV and other sites that need for their ads or links or banners and even sites to be viewed or clicked.

Why not help each other out in doing this.

Who ever is interested reply to this message and lets begin making some money.
@smurfy, there's no need to make the same post across multiple forums.

Here's the same reply I made in your other thread about the same thing.
@smurfy, you might want to take a look at the forum rules.
Specifically you should read this part.
Forum Rules
3.3 activity that involves, Currency Trades or Exchanges (Example: Exchanging PayPal for eGold money), Buying/Selling CPA accounts, Buying/Selling Social Security Numbers or Identities, CPA offer filling circles, Paying to have CPA offers filled, Requesting fake review comments for other forums' BST sections, Digg / Stumble (or similar) requests & trades, Asking how to make $xxx/day, Any "fake" account for the purposes of defrauding a network or individual, Promoting other forums by any means including in your signature, Creating more than one account on BHW;

3.4 engaging in, either directly or indirectly, or encouraging others to engage in, click-throughs generated through any manner that could be reasonably interpreted as coercive, incentivized, misleading, malicious, or otherwise fraudulent;

Since your new here you should check out these links:

You should really take a look at those forum rules before a mod starts coming across your posts instead of just a regular member like me.
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