A very scalable/twistable fiverr method from Wakkaoaka

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    Yoh, my previous blackhatworld ID is wakkaoaka, you prob dont know me and dont care but if you do, well there you go :p

    No I have not tried this because 1. I have other things to do, and 2. I know that a lot of you need the money more than me, and 3. I cant be bothered. I'll provide the method in steps:

    1. Make a personal facebook account.

    2. Download Facebook Blaster Pro Version 7.06 from here:
    (thanks to kkvsam on this thread:
    ). Or you can buy a facebook tool, i believe a user here is selling one that creates accounts too.

    3. Log into Facebook Blaster and start gathering ID's.

    4. Send about 100-150 friend invites a day.

    5. Depending on your personal facebook account you should get about 50% of your invites accepted within 24 hours. Keep on doing this until you reach a substantial amount of friends (you decide how many that is).

    6. Make an offer like this: "I will get your facebook fanpage 500 fans for $5". Now of course you can change the number of fans you can get them depending on how many friends your facebook personal account has.

    7. Ok so someone buys into your deal, what next? You simply go to their facebook fanpage and hit the "suggest to friends" button under the fanpage avatar. The number of fans they get depends of course on how many friends you have and how readily they accept a request to "like" something.

    8. Repeat with more and more buyers. Like I said i dont know how many people on fiverr are growing fanpages and how many fans they want for $5, that's something that you will have to test out... that's what makes internet marketing interesting.

    You could twist this so many ways on facebook, you can offer friends, group members, application users, you name it. Plus, if you're creative enough, you can use this method on other social networking sites.

    Im sure you guys can improve on this and morph it into your own money maker.
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