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A user "shared a link with...and XX others"! What`s the trick? (Friend`s timelines share)

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by zhmenya, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. zhmenya

    zhmenya Newbie

    May 25, 2015
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    Hi there!
    Can anyone please provide any info on what do they use to share links or posts from your timeline to all your friends timelines?
    I mean some guys do this thing - create a FB account, get many friends (usually niche related people to promote CPA offers) and then just share to all the timelines one very nicely made link, which directs to the necessary site! I attached the image for better understanding what I`m trying to find out.
    Facebook link1.jpg

    This is really smthng interesting - while many of us here try to find out, what is the best way to bank on FB traffic, this method can be really working!
    I saw many of this accounts - just registered 2-3 days ago, a photo uploaded just yesterday, no real activity on timeline, but already got almost 1000 friends!!! Just in one day!!! HOW??? Were this accs bought somewhere?
    Another cool tip - they do this mass timeline posting and then don`t login in anymore, so the acc doesn`t get banned, and all the posts stay active! Maybe except the ones, that people deleted from their timelines. Let me explain - I`m not 100% sure, but I think FB blocks your acc or asks for a security check only when you`re logged in. I`ve lost two my accs only when I entered them (separately of course), but before the blocking message appeared in 2-3 sec after loggin` I saw all the stuff on my page absolutely fine, so the acc was active and working.
    And this guys do so!
    Any ideas, what software is used or maybe scripts?