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A Terrible Idea for Unlimited Natural-Looking Spun Filler Content for Web 2.0, PBNs, Etc.

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by MatthewGraham, Jul 18, 2017.

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    1. Make a website about puzzles, maybe niche-related puzzles
    2. Use a script to scrape newspaper headlines from miscellaneous sites. Maybe niche related headlines if you want to try hard.
    3. Shuffle the order of the words in like 100 headlines
    4. Call it "Word Jumbles" -- tell users they're supposed to figure out the right order of the words
    5. 100 headlines * 10 words per headline is 1,000 words of "original" content. Should even pass a manual review since, you know, the whole point is that it's jumbled
    6. When you want to make backlinks, throw in a 100 word paragraph at the start for a "featured jumble" with like "click this link to see the answer" or something
    7. Repeat for as many posts as you want.
    I see no reason why this wouldn't work.