A suggestion to Google engineers[Long post]


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Aug 19, 2021
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This is from Rory sutherland Ted talk

As you can in Google or other SE algorithm this is how you can put various SEO tactics.
All I am asking is to use PBN as web2.0 ie like Ads.
Use Web 2.0 as SM.
Use Money sites as PBN and
SM as money site.

Google sees SM links as any other nofollow link. It use to take social signals into account until Matt Cutts said that FB blocked their crawlers so now they don't.

This is how it should count SM links.
Popular SM profiles likes and shares should count more than comments and vice versa in not so popular sites likes web 2.0 and forums. But obviously it doesn't and can't without our help.

I put some unique keywords in my one site and blast all PBN and web 2.0 of all money site. This gives SM post links their right nofollow value.

This all will take only adding some keywords and blasting GSA all connecting SM, PBN, Web 2.0 with that keywords.
But if we do that in coming like a year or so there would not be much difference in info sharing in both platforms so there would be no point blocking crawlers for FB.
Then may be Google engineers get inspired to work to write a stable code for SM.

Making PBN like ADS means giving more links to current news and main stream info sites not just Wikipedia and adding your ink as Ads for real visitors.

Using web 2.0 as SM means more meaning sharing and conversation that typical popular SM posts.
Using Money site as PBN means linking to each other as your liking.
Using SM as money sites means posting regular interesting info like bloggers. This improves SEO of all sites. Many people post more on their site rather than SM just for Google.
This will change.

Actually this is inspired from the structure of our brain which is divided it into 4 parts and give with a twist.

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